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Saturday's Charm

Name: Sora
Gender: Male
Age: 8 5 for now
Birthday: July 5th

AIM: BlondeSimpleton
email: ayn504 at gmail dot com
Critique post: here

So, instead of giving the children two different places to play, the fathers had unintentionally divided the island into the “cootie side” and the “non-cootie side”. Selphie, as Sora recalled, was not too thrilled with the idea.

Things changed when Kairi arrived, however. She had stood at the door between the girl’s side and the boy’s side, vehemently arguing that she did not have bugs crawling all over her. Riku had stood off to the side, arms crossed and wearing an expression of doubt. Sora, however, had decided to risk having his blood eaten by giant bugs and approached, giving Kairi the chance to prove that she did not actually have cooties.

“Look, Riku, Kairi was right! She doesn’t have cooties!” Sora had proclaimed happily, grabbing Kairi’s arm and holding it above her head triumphantly.

Riku wasn’t convinced. Kairi responded by grabbing his hand.

“What? What are you doing?” Riku clearly looked uncomfortable with having Kairi holding his hand.

“Hush”, Kairi ordered. Still gripping his hand tightly, she reached for his arm with her other hand. She carefully traced two small circles on his arm with her fingers, and then tapped the spot twice before suddenly pinching him- hard.

“Ow!! What was that for?”

“Cootie shot”, Kairi said, smiling. “Now you’re immune to cooties! We can all be together and not on the other side of the island.”
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